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Buying a Home in Saskatoon

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Purchasing a home can be an exciting adventure. Not only are you investing in your future, home ownership offers a number of benefits including building equity and creating a place that you and your family can call their own.

Your hard-earned dollars will contribute to your mortgage and investment rather than your landlord's. Over time, as your home increases in value or you invest in upgrades, the equity you earn is ultimately yours!


I am passionate about real estate and spend a great deal of time paying attention to trends in home sales. I want to use this experience to help you make the right choice and a solid investment based on your budget.

As your realtor, I will help you navigate the sometimes complex process of finding the right home, securing the sale and working out the details. As a bonus, as co-founder of Saskatoon Home Experts, I can put in touch with a trusted network of mortgage brokers, lawyers, movers, and more, all to help your transition to a new home easier.

Buying Real Estate: What you should know

I have decades of experience and want to share my knowledge with you! For more updates and tips, make sure to visit my blog. Here are some things to think about as you get started on your home buying journey.


Before you start shopping for your home, give some thought to your lifestyle, the features you need and want, affordability, and the neighbourhoods you prefer. Determining the features that are most important to you will bring you closer to finding your perfect home.

Arranging a mortgage

Prior to shopping for a home, look into getting a pre-approval on a mortgage. As most people require a mortgage to purchase a home, getting pre-approved will establish your home buying budget. It also helps you be prepared to purchase when the right home comes up.

Viewing Homes

Choosing a home is both an emotional and a financial decision for your future. Be prepared for the home viewing experience by setting your budget, setting reasonable expectations and getting your realtor's advice. You can avoid costly errors that could lead to future problems by preparing in advance.

The Offer

You find a home that meets your criteria and are ready to make an “offer to purchase.” This is a legally binding document that outlines what you will give (a combination of price and terms) to the seller. We recommend that a lawyer or real estate agent prepare the offer on your behalf.

This stage is very important to the process, so if there is anything you do not understand, be sure to ask for clarification! Once signed, the document is binding and you could face consequences upon default.


Closing day is the day when all the parts of buying and selling a home come together. Each party’s lawyer will have successfully completed the details required to ensure all legal aspects are covered. On this day, you will take possession of the home, get the keys and perhaps even move in!

Your realtor or your lawyer (potentially both) will help you through the last legal parts of the process to ensure a smooth transfer from the seller to you.

The Move

Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to make your move more manageable? Good planning makes all the difference! Whether you plan to move yourself or hire a moving company, start as soon as the offer is accepted to avoid last minute panic!


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